Saturday, March 04, 2006


To work out your own personal nutritional programme can be difficult, but it would probably be impossible to buy the individual nutrients separately.

This is where a multiple formula can help a lot. Although individual nutritional needs are all different, certain groups of people often share common nutritional requirements.

They are likely to be subject to similar conditions in their daily lives, which may influence nutrient intake. Our nutritionists/scientific/medical consultants have formulated the various Discovery Health formulas to suit the needs of a large number of different groups of people.

Many people choose to use a multiple formula as the mainstay of a supplement programme, adding other nutrients if they wish.

Food Base Multivitamin and mineral formula

This careful blend of vitamins and minerals has been formulated for anyone looking for a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals in a single formula. All the important antioxidant nutrients, Beta Carotene (the safer precursor form of Vitamin A), Vitamin C and Vitamin E are included at good levels, as well as a broad range of trace minerals.


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