Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The New Ethernet

Over 20 years ago, Intel helped co-develop the technology that changed how
people share information. Today, Ethernet remains the universal technology of
choice in enterprise LANs. With the explosion of Internet Protocol (IP) traffic
and sophisticated applications driving the demand for greater bandwidth inside
and outside the enterprise, Intel is helping the industry take Ethernet to greater
speeds and performance in the LAN, as well as extend Ethernet into new market
segments including wireless, storage and metro area networking.
Advancements in Ethernet technology are at the center of today’s transitions to:
 Gigabit speeds in the enterprise
 Wireless networking
 Networked storage
 Ethernet in the metropolitan area network
This paper provides information on these trends, why they are happening and,
most important, how to benefit from these transitions as the demand for faster
and more efficient network infrastructure increases.
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