Thursday, September 01, 2005

Multimedia Broadcasting via Satellite

Simply put, a satellite is a microwave receiver, repeater, and regenerator in orbit above the earth. Satellite transmission involves sending signals to an orbiting satellite that receives them, amplifies them, and returns those signals back to earth. The advancement and standardization of satellite transmission technology has created a new opportunity to deliver Internet protocol (IP)-based services to sites around the world. This new opportunity offers exciting possibilities for efficient transmission of streaming and/or large file data from a centralized location to remote sites anywhere in the world.
Multimedia broadcasting by satellite enables the expansion of communications in both the Internet and enterprise businesses. Typically, these applications are ones that already involve or could benefit from the use of video and audio presentations. Satellite delivery is the right solution for the applications described in this document because satellites provide a compelling economic solution, and the wireless connectivity of satellites enables access to areas of countries or regions that have limited access to terrestrial alternatives.


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